Photo/Video Lights

Nocturnal Lights' LED video lights are among the best in the market in terms of performance and value. Each of our 800i series lights offer 800 lumens of day light color beam that will allow you to simulate the natural colors of sunlight no matter where you are. Professional videographers shooting production work choose Nocturnal Lights over other video lights because our lights are bright, compact, and reliable. Most of us will look at light output and burn time when selecting video lights and that's what most manufacturer's advertise.

Since our 800 lumen LEDs are about two times as bright as 10W HIDs in the market, more efficient, and most importantly Nocturnal Lights LEDs are more reliable in every way imaginable. This means no more expensive replacement bulbs, no more malfunctions, flickering bulbs, and problems "firing up". When you use a Nocturnal Light you KNOW that the light will work when you want it to. Not to mention, the reflectors and bulbs have been tested over and over to make sure the beam is ideal for shooting videos underwater.


Photo and Video Lights


This is a list of video lights that is pre-packaged for your convenience. All of the Nocturnal Lights photo and video lights come with YS adapters with ball joint adapters available as an accessory. The following page has the standard base package of each underwater photo/video light with a quick overview of all the light’s specs. Additional packages are available under photo and video packages.

Photo and Video Light Packages


Here are examples of some of the most popular photo and video light packages. Each of the arms and tray can be customized to different lengths, and adapters for different housings area available. Please contact us if you need help putting together a package for your camera or video housing.

Light Adapters


Light adapters are what connect the light to the arms. They are included in all Nocturnal Lights photo and video lights but is available for those who started off with a dive light. YS adapters will fit all of the YS style arms in the market, and the ball joint adapters will fit any 1” ball joint arm setup.