Our Lights

Please note that our catalog is constantly being updated due to the variety of products and the packages we have made available to our customers. For the comprehensive list of products, descriptions, and pictures please visit our Online Store by clicking any of the product categories above.

Technical Dive Lights & Backup Lights
M220 Dive LightOver the years Nocturnal Lights have introduced many lights that have met the needs of aspiring and experienced divers using our underwater lighting systems in different applications. Our line of dive light and tech lights are some of the most durable lights in the market. We offer compact dive lights, hand held dive lights, as well as technical (canister style) dive lights along with a variety of hand mounts that allows our customers to use the lights in various applications.

Our 800 lumen dive lights are about twice as bright as 10 watt HID lights, consumes less power, and is more reliable in every way imaginable. We cater to divers, particularly technical and wreck divers who have the need for power and burn time. Over time we have earned the reputation for offering alternative dive lights that outperform technical dive lights that cost double the price. When it comes to buying a Nocturnal Light you are investing in long term reliability and peace of mind.

Underwater Focus Lights
SLX 800 Focus LightNocturnal Lights have helped many underwater photographers take better pictures underwater whether they are enthusiasts or professionals. Over the years more and more compact and digital SLR cameras can shoot high-quality videos. Because of this, the new SLX 800i is designed to be used as a focus light with enough power to shoot vibrant videos even in complete darkness.

Unlike many focus lights in the market, the SLX focus lights is powerful enough to be a primary light so photographers who are shooting in places with insufficient ambient light will be able to shoot comfortably using the SLX focus light without having to carry an additional dive light. Beam angle, color, and brightness have all been tested to make sure that you can take the best pictures possible in less than perfect conditions.

Underwater Video Lights 
Dual SLX 800 Video LightsNocturnal Lights' LED video lights are among the best in the market in terms of performance and value. Each of our 800 series video lights offer 800 lumen of day light color beam that will allow you to simulate the natural colors of sunlight no matter where you are. Professional videographers shooting production work choose Nocturnal Lights over other video lights because our lights are bright, compact, and reliable. Most of us will look at light output and burn time when selecting video lights and that's what most manufacturer's advertise.

Since our 800 lumen LEDs are about two times as bright as 10W HIDs in the market, more efficient, and most importantly Nocturnal Lights LEDs are more reliable in every way imaginable. This means no more expensive replacement bulbs, no more malfunctions, flickering bulbs, and problems "firing up". When you use a Nocturnal Light you KNOW that the light will work when you want it to. Not to mention, the reflectors and bulbs have been tested over and over to make sure the beam is ideal for shooting videos underwater.

Mounting Accessories for Underwater Photo and Videos
SLX Bulbs and Lens
We offer a variety of effective mounting solutions for all underwater camera housing and video housings. Our accessories includes a full line of arms, trays, and housing attachments that will allow you to mount video lights and strobes to nearly all of the housings in the market using flex arms and ball joint arms. Visit our catalog to learn more about our products.