ROVs and Customer Setups

ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)     ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)

ROV - Underwater Remote Operated Vehicles
Nocturnal Lights offer self contained video lights for remote operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) as a replacement or supplement to ROVs with a limited selection of lighting solutions. Under our video lights section you will be able to find a selection of video lights and video light packages that can be mounted on your ROV. Commercial divers have used Nocturnal Lights for its reliability and the ability to produce the best lighting solutions that is extremely cost effective. Customers have used Nocturnal Lights Video Lights for underwater inspections, pipe inspections, and underwater inspections.

Mounting Nocturnal Lights Video Lights on your ROV
There are several ways to mount Nocturnal Light video lights on your ROV. You may use the ball joint arms and the flex arm overview as a reference to some mounting solutions. With either one of these solutions all you have to do is mount the base adapter on an attachment point of your ROV and from there you can choose the arm or direct mount setup. There is also a hole on the light handle for you to mount the lights to any existing mounting solution that you might have. Feel free to contact us if you have trouble finding the right light and mounting setup for you ROV.