New Dive Light Considerations: Opinions needed?

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From a ScubaBoard post by djmccarthy:

Considering investing in a new primary dive light that can be worn on my hand and woujld like to avoid the canaister style. Will be taking the TDI Decompression & Advanced Nitrox Courses this summer but will be primarily a recreational diver who will be finishing up the SSI Dive Control Specialist Course this spring and will be doing the Big Island, Hawaii Manta Ray Night Dive in Seeptember. ALready have my camera photo / video set up for a Canon G-11Camera w/ Go Pro Hero 2 Video mounted on the Hotshoe of the RecSea U/W Case along w/ Sea & Sea YS-01 Strobe & Light & Motion Sola 600 Video light.

From a reply to djmccarthy by DiveMaven:

Have you looked at Nocturnal Lights? You can get one with a neoprene hand mount and they have 800 lumens. There's also two different cones that come with it so you can choose a diffused light or a more spot light type of beam....and they're so easy to install that you can change them whenever you want. We've had Nocturnal Lights for over 5 years and absolutely recommend them 100%.