SLX 800i and SLX 800t FULL REVIEW

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The SLX 800T Technical Light was measured to have an in-water light penetration distance of 56 feet, which surpassed all the other lights. This means that up to 56' we were able to distinguish that there was a diver lurking in the dark. However, the light traveled to roughly 60-70' but at that distance we were unable to locate the diver in the dark. We found the light to be easy to turn on and off using either bare hands or gloves with grip (3mm Neosport and Akona Adventure Gloves were tested). Note: The light is negatively buoyant, so if dropped it will sink which is normal for most dive lights. The light was easy to handle and produced tons of light. I'd feel comfortable using this as a primary light for all open water dives including wreck penetrations or cave dives.

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-Brian T
Adventures Underwater