Nocturnal Lights Service, SLX 800i, and SLX 800t Review

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I was searching around the Internet looking for an underwater light that might be able to function as a dive light, video light, and hopefully a still picture light. Your products looked like the best match to my criteria. I ended up getting the SLX underwater focus light with universal tray and handle plus the neoprene hand mount so when I’m not using it for photo/videos I can use it as a tech light. What a deal!

Your service was great, and Tim was a big help. I had purchased the SLX light at the end of January in preparation for my trip to the Bahamas in March (my present to myself - 40th birthday). At the beginning of March I received an email related to upgrading my lights to an 800, then a couple of days later (it was a Thursday, I remember the details vividly) another email announcing the 800i. I didn't think I wanted to spent another $500 dollars (exchange rate to Canadian dollars, my first purchase cost me over $600) in addition to all my new diving gear, etc. Over the weekend I decided I would try, if you could get it to me in time - I was leaving the following weekend, giving you less than 1 week to get it to me. I spoke to Tim and he was certain it was possible. I purchased a second light, and I am very glad I did. The night dives were fantastic with the lights. I got a number of great photos and video because of the 800i. Of the 24 or so people diving the Aqua Cat that week, my lights were definitely the brightest in the water, and the sites were fantastic. Great products and I will certainly be telling others how great they are. Rodney p.s. sorry for giving you my life story, just wanted to set up the scenario to show how great Tim was :-).

The lights are fabulous and I would recommend this to all of my dive buddies.

-Rodney R.
Alberta, Canada