Official SLX LED review by Scuba Diving Magazine (September 07)

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The SLX may be the smallest primary light we tested, but it can light up the reef with the best of them. It uses a trio of 3-watt LED bulbs to produce a blue/white beam that brought out vibrant colors on a night reef dive. The beam is focused into an intense hot spot, and while the 12-inch perimeter measurements fall off about 50 percent, there is a visible halo that extends to almost four feet in diameter. Its aluminum case measures just 5.25 inches long by 2.5 inches in diameter and houses six AA batteries. Two O-rings seal the housing, and the on/off switch has a good lock to prevent accidental activation. A lantern handle provides a solid grip and can be replaced with a mounting bracket if you want to use the SLX as a camera focus light.