Video Arm Setup Tutorial

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This is a demonstration of how the ball adapter mounts to the housing. The video light setups on our website will allow you to choose between a single or double segmented arm setup with the most common 8" and 12" arms. The illustration shows you how the lights would mount to your video housing and all the components that are involved.

The double segmented arm setup usually consists of the following for EACH SIDE:

-2 arms
-3 clamps
- 1housing adapter that attaches to the video housing

The single segmented arm setup consists of:

- 1 arm
- 2 clamps
- 1 housing adapter
And the direct mount setup consists of:

- 1 clamp that connects the light to the housing adapter

Note: For the SLX Quad system, the triple clamp is used at the end of the arm so two lights can attach to each side. When the triple clamp is used at the base of the arm, you can use a "> <" setup to distribute the beam even more.