Video Lights and Adapters for Undersea Video Housings

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Q: I recently purchased an SL 50 video light. Works great. However, I need some help for a solid attachment to my video housing, manufactured by Undersea Video Housings. It is the PC housing model.

The housing came with an aluminum ball arm adaptor and ball clamps. The problem is the ball on the ball arm adaptor is smaller than the ball on the handle adaptor that came with the light, so the clamp does not adequately grip both balls.

A: The PC housing model uses BA-HB, it's the 1" ball adapter for your housing. From there you will need a

link to housing adapter: (mention that you want the BA-HB at the checkout, we don't have it as an item in stock).

a clamp:

And if you need any arms for your setup, you will need an additional clamp for each segment that you use.