Question on the 1.25" adapter for my Ikelite Housing

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Q: I know I will like my SLX and look forward to getting wet with it.
Of course, I could not really tell how I was going to adapt it to my photo arm/housing setup until it arrived. Before I order some more accessories, I have a question concerning the Handle Adapter for SLX, SL50, and TL Series Focus and Video Lights...Is the ball only available in 1" dia. fitting?
I currently use Ikelite arm and clamps with the 1.25" dia balls. If that is the only size, I will order it as the 1" and then get the Ikelite adapter clamp.
I also plan to order the diffuser and an O ring kit, but won't place the order until I hear from you.

Thanks for your patience and response.

A: Yes it uses the 1" ball adapters and it's supposedly the norm.. Ikelite has the quick release handle or the standard screw on handle and you can order the accessories in the accessories page. You will also need a clamp to hold the light adapter and the housing adapter.

Tim Lau