Video Lights for Epoque EHS-1000 HD Underwater Housing for Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000

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Customer Question

"I've got an Epoque EHS-1000 HD underwater housing For Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000. Not exactly happy with the accompanying Epoque (EL-120 HID) Underwater HID light. Is there a Nocturnal light set (2) that I can mount on this housing? Rig it, custom made? If so - which lights? Thanks! Regards, XXXX"


"Glad you asked. The TL50 is going to be discontinued because our new SLX 800i is so much better in terms of performance and price. I would recommend our new SLX 800i if you're serious about underwater videos.

It's got a very high output, it has a very even beam spread, ultra reliable, very compact, and has a phenomenal burn time. We've just released this new light recently and have only been selling them to professionals in the industry who have used our lights before. The official announcement will be made sometimes in March but you can order them now if you like. The standard video package recommends two SLX 800is. You'll be able to use it for as a focus light, video light, and a dive light and it's universal to any housing.

When you place an order you can choose to get the ball adapter or the "YS" adapter. I'm not sure what setup you have right now but we have both of them available. Feel free to give me a call at 949-466-5383 if you have any questions"