How to Mount the SLX 800i Video Light Onto All Compact Camera Underwater Housings

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Q: Please advise me about the mounting of the SLX on a Epoque EHS-1000 HD
Is the ball mounting included in the package enough?

Thank you,

A: Are you looking for just a single setup or will you consider a dual video setup? Dual is always recommended if you're doing more than just recreational shooting.

For a single setup, you have a hot shoe mount on the top of your camera so you can use a hot shoe adapter.

The SLX comes with the handle adapter so you will need at least one clamp and at least one hot shoe adapter:

For your small camera you will probably want a 3" or a 5" arm:

In this case you will need to get another clamp (reference the video light selection picture to see what I mean).

If you want to get two video lights either now or sometimes down the line, I will recommend using a tray system.

This way you can mount one light on each side. The trays comes in 10 and 12 inches. The entire setup with two arms will cost about $100. If your budget allows I would recommend this setup with two 12" arms and another SLX 800i. With two lights you can get a more natural shot and you get double the total light output. Let me know what you would like to do.