Small Video Light for Canon and All Compact Polycarbonate Underwater Housings

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Q: Hello, I read about you on scubaboard and I'm wondering if you can help me. I take still photos with a Canon A570 in a canon housing with an Ikelite AF35 strobe. I also like to shoot video with this same camera, and I'm looking for a small but bright light I can maybe strap to the strobe or attach to the camera housing somehow to bring out some color in my videos, at least when I'm shooting things rather close up. (It might also help as a focusing/aiming light for taking still pictures, but I'm primarily looking for a video light).

Which product of yours would you recommend?


A: I would recommend the new SLX 800i focus/video light setup. As a focus light, it'll allow your camera to capture the clearest pictures possible, and as a video light it'll keep all the colors so everything doesn't look so dull.

The package with the flex arm and tray or the handle tray will work bst with your A570's small polycarbonate housing if you don't have a tray already.