Comparison of the SLX 800t and 800i: Dive Lights vs. Video Lights

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Led dive lights vs underwater video lights: Compare SLX 800t and 800i

The Nocturnal Lights SLX 800i underwater video lights are packaged for photo and videos while the 800t is packaged for general scuba diving. The "i" stands for "imaging" and the "t" stands for "technical."

The Nocturnal Lights 800t led dive lights currently come with three packages. The standard package which has just the standard handle, the technical package with neoprene hand mount, and the technical package with an aluminum goodman handle.

The 800i underwater video light currently comes with a neoprene protective buoyancy sleeve and a ball joint or a flex arm arm mount that allow you to mount the light to your strobe or video arm. We offer a full line of arms and accessories for all the video and still underwater housings as. You can find everything on

Both the SLX 800i video lights and the SLX 800t dive lights come with an interchangeable 12 and 60 degree beam and you can switch them out quite easily. We also include an adapter to change the beam to 90 degrees.