Using Ball Joint Underwater Strobe/Video Light Arms

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This article is written in response to a customer who ordered a SLX 800i with the flex arm adapters for his Sea and Sea housing but is now switching over to a ball joint setup for his Aquatica Wave HD housing.

Step 1:

I would recommend the 8"+8+ setup which comes with 6 clamps and 2 8" arms on each side. Aside from that you will need the ball joint adapters for the lights and a housing adapter for your housing.

Here they are:

You can also consider the 12" + 12" setup

The 12" + 12" setup is generally recommended for strobes or larger video housings.

Both of the combos above come with two arm segments and 6 clamps, and you will need one on each side.

Step 2:

For your Aquatica HD Wave housing you will need two of the following:

On the other hand you can choose this setup instead:


The ba-tg adapter slides over the t-base and you will be able to use it on Sea and Sea housing and Ampahibico housings etc.

Note that the 1/4-20 setup stands for the thread 1/4"-20. It's the same on Gates housings as well as the Light and Motion housings with the standard non-control handles.

Step 3:

You will need the ball joint adapter for your lights if you don't already have them.

This will lock down the light on the handle and go on the end of the arm setup.