Mounting a Luna LA-V on Sea and Sea Underwater Video Housings

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We had a customer asking us how she should mount the Luna 8 LA-V onto her Sea and Sea housing, which comes with what we call the t-base adapter. On top of that she has the Sea Arm 7 1" ball joint adapter setup. Below is our response:

The Luna 8 LA-V comes with the flex arm adapter, or the YS adapter. So to continue using the same arms you would need to get two of these:

However, you can try out these arms:


The 12" arms is generally better for video while the 18" arm is more suitable for large strobes. You might consider getting both or just get the 12" for now and get the 18" later if you feel a need for it.

And finally there's this:

Which is an alternative to getting both the 12" and the 18" arm. You can get a 90 degree bend here too so you get a slightly more flexible setup.

Note: If she did not have the Sea Arm 7 setup already we would recommend this setup which comes with three clamps and two arm segments on each side:

And these to go with it: