Keldan Luna 8 LA-V CRI 65W Review

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Keldan Luna 8 LA-V High CRI LED
Underwater Video Light

Distributed by - $2,199.00

Review by Steve Douglas

Back in the 1980's I bought my first underwater video system. It had been owned by a well known cinematographer who then sold it to another underwater shooter who went on to receive an emmy nomination for his underwater work on one of the early seasons of the network show, Survivor. This system consisted of an Aqua Video housing and a Minolta 8mm camcorder. Hi-8 had not hit the market yet. My first film was shot in the Cayman Islands and came in at 1hour 20 minutes which proved to be an hour and 15 minutes too long. Never the less, the guests seemed to enjoy seeing themselves on video and under the water. I was encouraged by their enthusiasm but I had a lot to learn back then, who knew of the need to white balance, use UV filters and underwater video lights. I didn't.

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