Focus Light for a Compact Underwater Housing

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The SLX with the universal tray is usually the way to go.

You can mount a ball adapter at the end of the tray so you can mount an additional arm for the strobe.

Occasionally small "high end" Cameras may have a hot shoe (or cold shoe) adapter on the top of the housing so if you already have a setup that has two strobes, you can use the hot shoe/cold shoe mount to hold the focus light. It'll mount right on the middle of the housing just like most DSLR housings.

If you already have two arms for the strobes and you have no hot shoe adapter which is common with Ikelite housings, you can use the triple clamp to clamp the SLX on the base of one of the arms.

That should sum it up for most of the setups for small compact point and shoot housings. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have regarding your setup.