Underwater Focus and Video Lights for Canon G9 and 5D

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Q: I have a simple setup, a Canon G9 in a Canon housing (WP-DC21) that I use for both pictures and video. My idea is to get light(s) that I possibly later on also could use with a Canon 5d mkII, also for photo and video. Right now, I have no lights at all. My diving is "standard".

If you could suggest a setup with light(s), tray, arms etc that would not be a total overkill for the G9 but still relevant for a 5d that would be great. I don't know today what housing I might get for the 5d, so I understand it might be tricky to advice me.

Anyhow, most welcome if you like to give it a try!

A: If you're shooting movies with the G9 then I would recommend the standard SLX 800i video setup, which includes two SLX 800i video lights that's going to allow you to shoot videos clearly with vibrant colors. For most photos you will need to get some strobes for it. In this case you might wan to get one strobe for the G9 and maybe two strobes for the 5D, depending on how you creative you want to get with your shots.

When you get a setup with two video lights you're almost always going to be shooting videos, in that case you can mount a strobe on the top of your camera if you choose to shoot movies and photos at the same time. If you're only shooting photos then you can go with the setup with two strobes on the side and one focus light in the middle.

There are people shooting pictures without strobes but strobes are always recommended because it outputs a lot of light in an instant. The video lights will help bring out a lot of colors in the subjects but still lacks the concentrated power especially for a wide angle shot.

For what you have right now I can get you a wide tray with a pair of 7" or 12" arms for the video lights. The video light setup is $900 and the tray should only be about $90. Let me know if you want to do that.