SeaLife DC1200 Focus Light Setup from Nocturnal Lights

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Hi Guys,

We got quite a few inquiries for the focus light setup for the Sealife DC1200. The Sealife DC1200 comes in three packages. The standard package without any strobes, the elite package with one strobe, and the maxx package with two strobes.

For the standard package, you can consider the single or the dual 800i or 800xi setup. It's always better to have two video lights than one if you're looking to shoot videos.

For the Sealife DC1200 which comes with a sealife tray and a strobe, you will need the following:

Note: Since the sealife tray is a half tray you cannot mount two lights on it. So what you would do is to remove the Sealife strobe and attach the Sealife arm on to the Nocturnal Lights tray. It takes 2 minutes to do so and you can also attach the wide angle lens on there as well.

If you're shooting with with the DC1200 Maxx package you would most likely get the hot shoe package. There is a removable rubber piece that goes on top of the camera and you can remove that and slide in one of the hot shoe adapters that we have. The own shown below has a better range of motion that will allow you to mount the light on the top of the housing and you can lock it in different positions.

You can also get this setup along with the SLX 800i wthi the flex arm adapter. It's slightly more cost effective than the one shown above and you have a slight less range of moution.

We hope you find this information helpful