Mounting a Focus Light or Video Light Onto Your Underwater Camera Housing

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Many underwater housings manufacturers are offering hot shoe mounts on the top of their housings. Most digital SLR underwater housings had them for many years and now a lot of compact housings are starting to have them as well. It's a great place to mount your video light or focus light especially if you have a dual strobe setup.

There are several ways to mount a camera to the top of your camera housing if you have a hot shoe slot. The hot shoe slot is often referred to as the cold shoe slow because on underwater camera housings there's no electrical connection that goes to the camera. Instead, it's only used to mount either a flex arm adapter or a ball joint adapter.

Flex arm adapter:

The flex arm adapter allows you to mount a strobe or one of our video lights on the top of the housing. Like the one seen here:

It will allow you to pivot your light up and down/left and right.

Ball joint arm adapter:

This offer more range of motion because the balls are not fixed and you can swivel it around however you like. We have packages available with lights that come with the ball joint hot shoe package since it's the more popular choice.