Luna LA-V CRI and FLUX for DSLR Shooters

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Hi Guys,

The new Keldan Luna 8 LA-V CRI and the Luna 8 LA-V FLUX are now available. Please visit our site to see the detailed specs of each light. Essentially these are video lights and are made for shooting videos and they're larger than your typical focus light. However, guys who are shooting high end videos with compact, dSLR, or full size video housings will agree that these are some of the best lights that money can buy.

In a nutshell the CRI has a rating of 95, meaning that it captures 95% of the natural colors and is usually favored by video shooters shooting with two lights, with 3000 measured lumen on each light. The FLUX version has a CRI rating of 70, which is what all LED lights typically have but you are now in control of 5000 lumen (measured) on this single light head. This light will appeal to shooters who are using only one video light, often DSRL shooters who are shooting videos as well.

Please take a look at them and email us if you have any questions about the lights or how they mount. We'll be happy to assist you.