Nocturnal Lights Tray for the SeaLife DC1200

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A customer of ours asked about how our tray system would work with his DC1200 camera setup with the Sealife strobes because he didn't like the overlapping trays used in the dual strobe (MAXX) setup.

Good morning,
I own a Sealife DC1200 Digital Camera, 2 Digital Pro Flashes (each with its own base) and a Sealife Wide Angle Lens and Lens Docking Station (which attached to the base of one of the flashes). Sealife does not make a single base or tray that will hold the camera and both flashes. The base of the flashes have to be screwed together and it doesn't work well. In fact, the bases keep cracking (as they are made of thin plastic). I note from your web site that Nocturnalights makes a metal base that is comparable with Sealife products. I have a few questions before ordering:

1. Will the camera fit flat on the tray and does the screw that comes with the tray (Wide Universal Underwater Tray) fit the camera so that washers won't be necessary?

2. Will the arms from the Sealife Digital Pro Flashes fit on the tray or do I need to order Nocturnalights flex arms?

3. Will the Sealife Digital Pro Flashes fit on the Nocturnalights flex arms?

4. Is there a place to attach the Sealife Lens Docking Station to the tray?

Please let me know. Thanks.

Here's our answer:

1. Yes the Sealife DC1200 will fit right on top of our tray.

2. Yes, you will not need our arms. If you bend the arm at the base you'll expose a 1/4" screw at the bottom of the tray. You'll need to unscrew that. Our tray comes with two t-base slide over adapters, if you remove that you will be able to fit the sealife arms right over it.

3. No it won't, Sealife uses a proprietary arm.

4. You will need this, fix it on the bottom of the tray using the two smaller screws on the side, and then you'll be able to fit the wide angle lens holder at the bottom using the 1/4" hole in the middle. If you purchase it we'll go ahead and put it on there for you.