Luna 8 LA-V Flux or CRI, how do I choose between the two?

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How do you choose between the two Luna 8 LA-V video lights?


The Luna 8 LA-V CRI:
95 CRI (retains 95% of the natural colors)
4500 lumen output (measured)

The Luna 8 LA-V FLUX:
6000 lumen output (measured)
75 CRI (retains 75% of the natural colors)

Essentially you would have to choose between the trade off of more light or better colors.

Advantage of the high CRI light: More vivid, vibrant, and natural colors that cannot be adjusted or restored during post-production. Less time spent on color adjustment when editing the videos.

Advantages of high Flux light: More power to overcome ambient light if you're shooting in shallow water. May provide more light if shooting with only one video light and two strobes when filming with a dSLR.

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