SLX or TLX, Adjustable Output

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Q: I'm deciding between a Nocturnal Lights TLX 800t or SLX 800t dive light. For the SLX, it is indicated on your website that the output of the light can be lowered by using only 3 instead of 6 batteries. Can the light output of the TLX also be changed?

A: Both the SLX and the TLX can have the power lowered by using less batteries (less current). Another way to do so is to put in the 60 degree lenses so instead of getting a lower output you get a wider spread. All of them comes with 12 and 60 degree beams so you have the option to use the narrow beam for penetration and distance and the wide beam for coverage. A 90 degree adapter is also included but that's usually used for photo and videos.