Adjusting the Beam on the SLX and TLX

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Q: Is it useful to change only one or two of the lenses in order to achieve a more optimized lighting coverage?

A: Each SLX 800 and TLX 800 setup comes with three 12 degree reflectors and three 60 degree reflectors. As a dive light most divers would set up three 12 degree beams to get a narrow beam. On the other hand for photo and video you would want to use three 60 degree beams.

You're welcome to mix and match the beams to get the ideal beam pattern for both situations. For example, you might want to have one 60 degree beam so you get a wider coverage closeup and still get a nice and strong beam for looking in crevices. With video you can swap out one of the 60 degree beams with one 12 degree beam for effect.