Sanyo Eneloop Batteries for Nocturnal Lights Dive Lights

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Q: Hello~

I just purchased a couple SLX 800i lights. What brand or type of AA batteries do you recommend? I have had limited success with rechargeable AA batteries, but I think it is an obvious choice when 12 are involved. Is there a rechargeable AA that you suggest? Or is there a better option available?

Thank you for your consideration.
Safe Diving!


A: We would recommend the Sanyo Eneloop batteries. They are available on our website as well. They have a very slow discharge rate and works extremely really well with our lights.

In the case of two SLX 800s (12 AA's) you will need two packs. With 16AA batteries you'll have 4 spares and when you need to charge 8 batteries you will be able to start with 12 fresh AAs when you're done. Make sure you label them so you don't mix full/empty batteries. You may also get three packs so you have 3 4AA chargers to charge 12 batteries at once.

The package also comes with 2 AAA batteries and some battery holders so you may use them for as C and D cell batteries as well.