SLX Beam and Power Adjustment FAQ

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Q: Looking at the SLX800t. I need a primary ( actually also a secondary ) light that can cut through the bad viz that I run into in Canada. I'm assuming the SLX 800t is a primary. Am I correct ?

Your website says " Each of the three light bulbs can be adjusted from 12 degrees to 60 degrees". I'm assuming that this means I can adjust the beam angle. What I was wondering about is this adjustment something I can do underwater or do I need to take the light apart ( obviously pre-dive ) to make this adjustment and not a possibility underwater.

Also, are there different power settings on the SLX 800t or is it full power all the time .

A: SLX 800t is powerful enough to be a primary light, it's about 2x as bright as a 10W HID and it will cut though murky waters when you use the 12 degree beams. To switch the lenses you would have to remove the cover so you won't be able to adjust the beam underwater. Switching the bulbs only take two minutes and once you have an idea of what kind of beam you're looking for you'll most likely stick with it.

There's no power adjustment on the SLX 800t. On six AA batteries you'll get full power and with three AA batteries you will get around 70% power but you'll almost never use a lower power setting.