Commercial Diving

Failure is expensive, and that is a fact. Nocturnal Lights is favored by the commercial diving industry because our underwater lighting systems is extremely reliable and is able to operate in the toughest conditions. Our customers use our dive lights for all areas of underwater inspections, ship repairs, oil rig inspections, inspections of containers, and the list goes on and on. The focus on reliability and ruggedness is generally the reason why commercial and specialty divers choose Nocturnal Lights over other options in the market. Having a full aluminum housing, tempered glass, and the double o-ring seal, and the choice of using any type of batteries makes Nocturnal Lights one of the most reliable dive light in the market. There will never be any battery failures and you get to choose between Alkaline or Rechargeable batteries, there's very little maintenance requirements, and the lights can be mounted virtually anywhere you can think of.

The extended burn time and the high light output makes them the perfect replacement for surface supplied lights. WIthout the attachment cord you will be able to maneuver around freely, increasing the efficiency of your projects. Multiple mounting brackets and attachments are available for towed inspection systems, sonars, ROVs, Underwater Robots.

Please visit our full catalog to see the general dive lights and underwater focus and video lights. The lights can be configured differently for special purposes. Other package such as helmet mounted lights, underwater tripods, and camera setups are also available upon request.

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