Luna 4 V Test Run, by Adam Hanlon

The following video was filmed by Adam Hanlon of Wetpixel using Keldan's Luna 4 V video light. This video is meant to be taken as a sample of the Luna 4 V's quality and not as a full review of its performance.

From Adam Hanlon: "Firstly, these are very small and compact. Almost incredibly so. This makes them very attractive for use with an SLR. They could be quite easily added to an SLR housing with strobes, allowing the user to switch between light sources as required. They are pretty bright-and certainly bright enough as a light source for video. [...] The color temperature is a really nice. I appreciate that this is subjective, but the effect on skin tones, fish colors is great. [..] Light penetration was good, there is a shot from the D7000 looking forward inside the fuselage that shows the beam intensity and coverage quite well I think."
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Keldan testing short from Wetpixel.