Dive Lights

Over the years Nocturnal Lights have introduced many lights that have met the needs of aspiring and experienced divers using our underwater lighting systems in different applications. Our line of dive light and tech lights are some of the most durable lights in the market. Our 800 lumen dive lights are about twice as bright as 10 watt HID lights, consumes less power, and is more reliable in every way imaginable. We cater to divers, particularly technical and wreck divers who have the need for power and burn time. Over time we have earned the reputation for offering alternative dive lights that outperform technical dive lights that cost double the price. When it comes to buying a Nocturnal Light you are investing in long term reliability and peace of mind.


Dive Lights


Nocturnal Lights offers a range of dive lights that come in different size, offers different brightness, and battery sources that appeal to different types of divers. The lights shown in this category are the lights only, you can buy hand mounts in the hand mount section, or buy the light as a package. Additional accessories are available in the accessories page.

Dive Light Packages


Here you can find a list of dive lights that are pre-packaged for your convenience. Dive lights without the hand mounts are listed under the dive lights and hand mounts can be purchased separately here.

Hand Mounts and Handles


Nocturnal Lights offers a range of hand mounts for hands free diving, allowing you to free up your hands and dive comfortably. The neoprene hand mounts allow you to firmly strap our lights (and other lights) on the back of your hand, while the Goodman handle allow you to let go and retract your light when you use an umbilical cord or a lanyard.